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  • Swarkul Academy's Teacher Conducting Live 1 on 1 Vocal Class
  • Swarkul Academy's Teacher Conducting Live 1 on 1 Tabla Class
  • How online lessons work?
    Our tutors conduct live lessons through Skype or Zoom or Google Meet or your choice of Video platform. We are also going to launch our own video platform very soon.
  • What kind of equipment do I need to have to take an online lesson?
    You will need a computer or mobile device with a microphone, camera and stable internet connection. If you take any music instrument classes, then you need that specific instrument with you, in good condition.
  • Where can I get a music instrument and what brand to choose?
    We can help you to choose the right instrument and brand with our known music sellers, if you need help. Our tutors will help you to tune the instrument as needed.
  • Can I get slots to my convenience?
    Absolutely, subject to tutor availability. You can book the crash course classes on our online platform and/or call us to schedule if you have any specific day and time requirement for our professional courses.
  • What are the tutors' credentials?
    All of our tutors are Masters Degree or PhD holders in their respective domain with several years of practical experience in teaching all levels professionally. Besides, we will match you with the right tutor based on your expectation and give their profile to you beforehand.
  • Can the classes be rescheduled?
    Yes, with at least 24 hours’ prior notice to the tutor. Rescheduled classes will be held based on the tutor’s and student’s convenient day and time in that month.
  • What happened if I missed the classes?
    The missed class will be counted and deduced from your class count. However, if you cancel 24 hour prior to the class the same will not be counted and the class can be rescheduled on the basis of tutor’s and student’s convenient time. In case of technical issues the class will be rescheduled based on both student & tutor comfort.
  • How should I pay the fees?
    The fees can be paid online. Crash courses can be paid upfront through our safe and secure booking online system. For other professional courses, we raise an invoice every month for the planned classes and payment can be done online, in a safe and secure way.
  • Will I get any certification?
    Yes, we follow a strict quality syllabus that has been defined by eminent dignitaries in each domain. After completion of each level, you can appear for the exam and be awarded International Certification for Indian Music Practitioners (ICIMP) from Swarkul academy. We also train our students to appear for other certifications such as Akhil Bharatiya Gandharv Mahavidyalay, Trinity School of London, ABRSM etc as needed.
  • How can I showcase my learned talent? Is there any opportunity for a live show?
    We conduct a virtual talent show every year in which students can showcase their individual talent to a larger audience. We are also planning to conduct annual music functions in big cities for our students in the future.
  • Whether my music learning will provide any value addition in college admissions or such?
    Yes, most of the colleges in the USA and other countries consider Indian arts and music as a unique skill and provide some value in promoting the international cultural aspects. So any specific skill you have developed for the course of time with proven certificates will definitely provide a value addition in write ups during your college applications. Besides, learning music or any extracurricular skills improves the overall profile for the student.


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