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Chess Game
Chess is Everything: Art, Science & Sport
- Anatoly Karpov -
benefits of playing chess
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advisory committee
nikhil dixit  (FIDE Master)

International Level Achievements

1- 16th rank at World university chess championship in Brazil in September 2018.

2- Scored all international Master norms in the year 2018-2019

1st norm at Chennai International Grandmaster chess tournament in Jan 2018

2nd norm at Czech Pardubice open tournament in July 2019

3rd norm at Zadar open, Croatia in December 2019

3-Got FIDE Master Title from International chess federation in Jan 2019

Asian Level Achievements
9th rank at U13 Asian championship in 2011

National Level achievements
National Level Achievements 
1- Gold medal at national school games federation of India tournament at Madhya Pradesh in 2011 in U-14 category

2- Silver medal at national school games federation of India tournament at Andhra Pradesh in 2013 in U-17 category

3- silver medal at national school games federation of India tournament at Tamilnadu in 2015 in U-19 category

4- Gold medal at national school games federation of India tournament at Telangana in 2016 in U-19 category

Akhilesh nagare (head coach)
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International Level Achievements

  1. Commonwealth Championship U-20,2018 , 7th Rank.

  2. Played 3 tournaments in Serbia, Europe in 2019 and gained 130 rating points.

  3. 22nd Rank at Delhi International event in below 2000 Rating category, 2017.

National Level Achievements 

  1. Gold Medal on 4th board at West zone universities 2018 for Pune University. 

  2. Won the West zone championship.

  3. Finished 3rd Unbeaten at Sangli. All India Open Tournament 2019


Last Updated: 01/01/2021


Created by: FIDE Master Nikhil Dixit

All Courses Includes:

  1. Certificate of Completion

  2. Printable Material

  3. Bonus Video/s

  4. Live Group Sessions by Expert Coaches

  5. Comfort of Learning from Home

course 1 - learn to play ($100)

Course Contents

  • 8 Live sessions (45 mins each) by expert coaches 

  • History of Chess

  • Introduction to Chess

  • Learn Language of Chess (aka Notations)

  • Learn value & movement of each piece on the board

  • Basic Opening Principles

  • Systematic Checkmating Patterns with - 1) Queen & King, 2) Two Rooks​​

  • Learn about Castling & En-Passant

  • Diff between Checkmate & Stalemate

Who This Course Is For

  • Those who do not have or have limited prior knowledge about chess

  • Those who have chess board at home

  • Those who have passion about learning chess

  • For ages 7 & above

Benefits of This Course

  • You will be able to talk language of Chess

  • You will be able to read moves written in notations

  • Understand basic concepts about chess & play game of chess confidently

  • Affordable price & comfort of learning from home

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