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Folk Dancer Shoes

the truest expression of a people is in its dance & in its music. bodies never lie.

-Agnes de mille

hire a choreographer

FEES - $100 for 8 sessions

Key features of program
  • Our professional choreographer from India will teach you steps for 2 songs of your choice in 1 month

  • There will be 8 LIVE Group sessions each of 45 mins

  • You can bring maximum 4 people in a group 

  • No Prior knowledge of dance required

  • Learn dance for yourself or with your buddies online for occasions like marriage, community event, competition etc.

Note - Call or what's app us on +1 7162400354 for any questions


our zumba batches are available for booking 

our other hobby courses

our dance hobby courses

All Courses Includes:

  1. Certificate of Completion

  2. Printable Material (if required)

  3. Bonus Video/s

  4. Live Group Sessions by Expert Coaches

  5. Comfort of Learning from Home

  6. Max 3 students in a group

learn to dance

Course Contents

  • Module A - Basics of Indian Bollywood

  • Module B - Basics of Indian Hip-Hop

  • Module C - Basics of Indian Folk

  • Module D - Masters special

  • 10 LIVE group sessions of 45 mins each from Expert Choreographer from India


  • Just bring your feet with Dance passion 

  • Suitable dress code for dance

  • Laptop/tablet with good internet connectivity from your own home

  • Keep yourself accountable and punctual for the classes scheduled 

  • For those who do not have or have limited prior knowledge of dance

  • For ages 7 & above

Benefits of This Course

  • This course helps to learn various basic dance styles and techniques

  • Build confidence, discipline, teamwork and professionalism.

  • Enable better coordination.

  • Brings better agility.

  • Brings flexibility.

  • Improves overall balance

  • Affordable price & comfort of learning from home

  • 2 classes per week

  • Multiple batches as per diff. USA time zones



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